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Visitors are the key to a growing church and our doors are open to you and your family. There is a sense of love and genuine concern for the lost, and compassion for the Christian who has grown “weak in the battle.” We want to be a hospital for the hurting and a refuge for those going through the storm.

Hollywood Blvd Baptist Church is a caring church! Every Sunday, the truths of the Bible are taught to all ages. It is only the Bible that will give lasting hope in an ever-changing world. Provide your family the biblical foundation to build personal and family values with us at HBBC. Come… let us minister to your family!

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Pastors Pen | fbcandersonmoDear Hollywood Blvd Baptist Church family, 
One of the wisest men who ever lived wrote, “To everything there is a season and a time for every matter under heaven.” Ecclesiastes 3:1  Such is the case with the matter before us today.
Recently, I shared with Jonny and our deacons of my decision to retire. One might think such a decision would come easily. After all, I turned 74 last October which is well past the time most people retire at 65. However, this decision has been hard… very hard! It was not made lightly nor easily. Rita and I have been praying about this decision for almost a year. Yet, after prayerful consideration, Rita and I made the decision that the time for this has indeed arrived. 
God has certainly been gracious to Rita and me in allowing us to do ministry together with you for almost 40 years at HBBC. We could not have asked for more support, love, and care from a congregation. 
I am certain that I will have opportunities to express my gratitude elsewhere, both publicly and privately, but I want to share here what a privilege it has been to walk with you through so many great seasons of ministry here. It has been an honor to journey with you through your many personal joys and sorrows throughout the years. Those memories will always be cherished. 
When we came HBBC we both said that we would not do, give, or ask you to do anything that we would not first set the example. For those of you who have been with us any length of time, you know this to be true.
Some have said that a preacher never retires just refires. But that’s not true. Even in the Scriptures, Number 8 and 10 God taught the Levites as they were moving the Tabernacle to different locations. God instructed the elders to train the young men to make the proper adjustments and make the move with precautions. It was hard manual labor too difficult for the aged men. The retirement age for the Levite elders was 50 years of age.
So, what are the next steps for the HBBC Family? In the weeks ahead, your leadership will take the appropriate steps to provide stability and guidance during the next months as the search for a new pastor begins. I have asked the deacons not to make any hasty decisions to not make any hasty decisions, but to bathe each step in prayer. Rita and I ask for your prayers as well. 
Pastor & Rita
We are not sure at this time what the future holds for us. 
Please keep this entire transitional process in your prayers, seeking God’s Will for the future at Hollywood Blvd Baptist Church. I beg of you to stay faithful in your attendance, your giving, and your encouragement one to another. Keep your eyes on the finish line. This could be the year our Lord returns or calls us home – let us remain faithful. 
In Christ and with much love,
Willie and Rita Pace